Albanian Center For Good Governance

Albanian Center for Good Governance – ACGG, themeluar në Tiranë, në shtator 2014, është një think-tank i pavarur, jo-qeveritar, jofitimprurës që ka për mision promovimin e ideve dhe praktikave themelore të demokracisë, lirisë, shtetit të së drejtës dhe të Qeverisjes së Mirë.

ALFA Centar
Alfa Centar

Nevladina organizacija ALFA Centar osnovana je oktobra 2006. godine. Ciljevi formiranja organizacije su promovisanje i zastupanje stava da svi građani imaju pravo na miran, bezbjedan i dostojanstven život bez obzira na pol, uzrast, rasnu i političku pripadnost, nivo obrazovanja, profesiju i ostale razlike.

Asocijacija za promociju poslovanja

Asocijacija za promociju poslovanja(APROPO) okuplja pojedince i kompanije iz Bosne i Hercegovine, zainteresirane za podršku promoviranja potrebe jačanja poslovnog ambijenta u Bosni i Hercegovini, te osnaživanja svih članova u svakom segmentu njihovog djelovanja i poslovanja.

Association for Democratic Prosperity

Association for Democratic Prosperity - Zid – is non-profit organization established 1996. in Podgorica, and the scope of work in the beginning was student's questions within University of Montenegro. Organization has developed step by step, and 10 years later ADP ZID is one of most developed non-governmental organization in Montenegro. Of course, youth was and still is the focus of work within organization, as well as volunteerism and community

Balkan Green Foundation

Balkan Green Foundation (BGF) is a regional organization that promotes inclusive and equitable progress within the Western Balkans on sustainable development domain.

Center for Advocacy And Democratic Development

Center for Advocacy And Democratic Development
Center For Advocacy
Qendra për Avokim
Centar za Javno Zastupanje

Center For Democratic Transition

CDT is a non-governmental organization which strives to promote democracy in Montenegro – characterized by honest and accountable government, dynamic civil society, and active and informed citizens – through development and fostering of public dialogue, education of political stakeholders, advocacy and monitoring of institutions, processes and policies. 

Montenegro as a civic society, society of knowledge and equal opportunities based on democratic values and achievements

Center for Economic Prosperity and Freedom

CEPS is a local Montenegrin NGO that brings together social entrepreneurs who want to promote solving various social problems (social exclusion, poverty, unemployment, etc.) by using sustainable business models.

Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies

The Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies (CEAS) is an independent socio-liberal think-tank organization founded in 2007 in Belgrade, Serbia.

The motto which the CEAS follows in its work is “Progress, Determination, Influence”.

Community Business Development Center

Community Business Development Center

European Movement Serbia

Our vision is a Serbia founded on democratic values, the protection of human rights, solidarity, sustainable development, knowledge, and innovation. A society that preserves the good old, but also simultaneously bravely develops new, modern values, to the benefit of all of us.

Fondacija za razvoj i demokratiju

Fondacija za razvoj i demokraciju (FRD) je novoosnovani think-tank, sa primarnim fokusom na razvojne politike.

Forum MNE
Forum MNE

Forum MNE has been active in Montenegro since 2002. It first started out as PRONI Institute for Social Education, then as Forum Syd, and ever since March 2007, it has been Forum MNE. On 28th of March 2007, by the decision of the founding board of Forum MNE and Forum Syd from Sweden, Forum MNE grew from an international project into a national based organization. Forum MNE initiates local strategies for the development of communities, through non-formal education and community youth work.

Gender Alliance for Development Centre

Gender Alliance for Development Centre


IACT is mainly composed of young people, who are active and successful in their professions. Selected individuals cover various fields of economy, health, education, arts and culture, united in the idea that changes are necessary for the progress of society as a whole. The most important tool in fostering iACT ‘s progress is transparency. Transparency will contribute to a better overall communication. We believe it is very important all projects be visible and useful for as many citizens as possible, i.e. to represent a kind of a public good.

Institute for Democracy and Development

Institute for Democracy and Development (IDD)

Institute for Development Policy

The Institute for Development Policy (INDEP) is a think tank and an advocacy centre that provides independent research-based policy solutions.

Institute of Project Managment and Development

The vision of IPMD as NGO is through its programs and activities to influence the creation of a society of equal citizens based on values, trust, mutual cooperation, social cohesion, sustainable eco and socio-economic development and cultural diversity. The mission of IPMD is to encourage and initiate changes in society…

International Debate Education Association

We are a global Network of organisations who educates people in debate in order to give young people a voice for their ideas. Young people have a lot to say; debating provides a platform for them to speak up and be heard in a safe and structured environment.

We aspire to be the world's leading provider of debate education, offering debate resources, debate training and debate events to educators, youth groups and young people across the world.

Kosovo Youth Atlantic Treaty Association

Kosovo Youth Atlantic Treaty Association

LGBT Forum Progres
LGBT Forum Progres

LGBT Forum Progress is the first and oldest non-profit organization that gathers LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex and Queer) people in Montenegro and stands for respect and protection of their human rights and equality in society.

LGBTQ Social Center
LGBTQ Social Center

LGBTQ Social Center

NGO 4 Life
NGO 4 Life

4 Life is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental organization, established to fight with all forms of addiction. Started with work in 05.05.2008.godine. The headquarters is at the Bratstva jedinstva 73, Podgorica, Montenegro.


Aktiv was founded in the divided city of Mitrovica. Since its inception in 2009, Aktiv has successfully implemented an array of projects and has become an active part of local civil society. It has cooperated with a number of both regional and international NGO’s and has played a vital role in the political and social development of N. Kosovo. With a growing presence in the local community and with an expanding network of partners, Aktiv has been able to increase the scope and scale of its projects.

Omladinski klub OPENS
Omladinski klub OPENS

Omladinski klub OPENS je prostor otvoren za sve mlade koji u njemu 
mogu pronaći različite edukativne radionice, treninge, prostor za sebe i svoje ideje potpuno besplatno. 
Javite nam se na email, Dejani, Jeleni i Mladenu.:)


OTTOnomy is a unique initiative that works in the Balkans to repair a social fabric sundered by legacies of communist oppression, post-communist conflict, and continuing social and economic instability. Starting in Albania, OTTOnomy will promote the public welfare by saving an historical monument and bringing it back to life as a self-supporting Regional Center for Arts, Culture, and Education.

Protection and promotion of Environment, Culture and Art

proECA - “Protection and promotion of Environment, Culture and Art”

Research Center for Defense Security and Peace

Research Center for Security, Defense and Peace is an association formed by students from the Faculty of Security. The purpose of the association is to raise the awareness among the young population of issues related to security, defense, peace, protection of human rights and freedoms.

Romska Nada
Romska Nada

Romska Nada



The Balkan Forum
The BF

The Balkan Forum initiative was launched at the first Annual Balkan Forum meeting held on 7-9 February 2013 in Thessaloniki, Greece. The Forum gathered diverse stakeholders and leaders from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Serbia. Over 50 participants from civil society, the private sector, academia, and government worked together to generate ideas and innovative strategies to deepen regional collaboration and catalyse economic development, drawing the region’s strengths and comparative advantages.

YOUCOM - Lawyers’ Commity for Human Rights

The Lawyers’ Committee For Human Rights (YUCOM) was founded in 1997 as an expert, voluntary, non-governmental organization whose members are legal experts engaged in promoting and advocating the idea of the rule of law and uphold of human rights, raising public awareness, conceiving, designing and leading civic initiatives, rendering legal assistance to victims of human rights violation, as well as developing co-operation with national and international organizations involved in human rights protection and promotion. YUCOM is recognized as an organization advocating human rights and promoting active participation of citizens in legal initiatives. It has profiled itself and gained much recognition as human rights defenders’ organization.

Young Intellectuals, Hope

"IRSH" is a socio-cultural association, an independent, non-political and non-profit approved by the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports of Albania. We represent people who hope to be intellectuals like teachers, university professors, students, engineers, lawyers, doctors, economists and various NGO groups.